Wednesday, April 2, 2008
What next?
Ughh... so today was a pretty sad day for me we all know how excited I am to get back into the kitchen of course to my horror our stove has completely crapped! While I have placed an order for a new one going to be a couple days before i get it.Not to mention with all the things on my plate this month it's really the last thing I needed....sigh.. well I suppose things could be worse....right?...At least it gives me some time to toy around with some cake ideas. I have 4 cakes to do this month, 2 of them being for very important people by brother (ray) and my mom.
I'm having the most difficulty deciding what to do for Ray's cake simply because he's so picky and I definitely want something to wow him. So if any one has any ideas feel free to drop them he's going to be 20.

On the brighter side I found this totally incredible Mixer on E-bay that I am bidding on so cross your fingers for me.
it's orange... and I LOVE orange...
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Monday, March 31, 2008
A fresh Start
Hiii Bloggers and blog-readers! As you have already noticed this is my very 1st post.

Let me start by telling you how excited I am about this.. First of all this blog will contain everything from chocolates to cookies to cakes and cupcakes. I love all types of confections and can't help but want to attempt to make everything that catches my eye. So please feel free to throw any suggestions my way I'm a daring baker I like to just have fun with it and if it goes wrong.. well hey I'll start all over again.

This week I'll be making some cookie bouquets and experimenting with some cupcake and icing mixtures.. Hope you all enjoy it.

Oh and i will be uploading photos and recipes :)

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